Holi Hai! Festival of Colors, Joy & Love

Holi seflie

Holi is legit my most favourite festival. From preparations of gujia and mathri to greasing yourself head to toe from mustard oil to waking up really early in the morning and going to the temple doing Rudrabhishekam with prepared from herbs and flowers, and then finally spending the day with family and friends, talking, drinking thandai with bhaang, eating a lot of good food and singing, dancing and of course immersing everyone and oneself into colors. As if, it is not the skin but the dark corners of my soul that I colour with bright bold gulal – pink, yellow and green.

Interestingly, even though most think that Bhaang is not a legal substance in India, it is actually a substance that can be produced only by the government and distributed to those outlets that are certified by the law to sell. During Holi and Shivratri, it is a socially acceptable drink, made from milk, curd and/or thandai – especially in the central states of India – Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

The madness is real, because no matter whom you meet – you smile, you spoil them in colours, and you share sweets. With younger men touching the feet with gulal out of respect, to the older ones ruffling handful of coloured power in their head in return as a gesture of blessing.

You can see the pictures here on my Pinterest: https://in.pinterest.com/stutiashokgupta/holi-celebration/

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