Postcard from Belgium, Brussels

– Dear readers,

Please make a note: fame is not success. Never confuse the two different ideas as one. I know it is hard to call out the differences now that social media has made them look the same. Please remember to define what success mean to you. If it means, having to come back to your dog and a comfortable bed – go for that. If it means – writing a book – do it. If it means coding an extraordinary app that may or may not solve a problem – attempt. Attempt without thinking of the numbers. Without chasing for the validations. Success means different things to different people. Define your own and work for that. A bunch of figures, statistics, analytics – random digits – they don’t make you more important or less important. And if you’re a part of the world that’s constantly running after numbers, reminding you that it’s the only thing that matters – that even if there are moments in your day when you tell yourself “oh it doesn’t really matter” but then you hesitantly admit to yourself that yes, this feeling still crawls in your spine, in your gut, in your lungs that maybe it does because of all that you’re feeding to your brain constantly through Instagram. Please tell me the truth – are you not scared that you have given in to a society who bows down to a human for the numbers, and less and less for the kind of human they are? I feel the jitters every time I come across that thought, honestly, I do. Then I tell myself – don’t take it too seriously. It’s all so temporary. The only solid permanent that eventually lasts is my experiences, so I make sure I am giving myself enough time. and that I spend time with people who let me be who I truly am. Who can still look at me, in the most transparent non-colored unbiased way. You know what I mean? Do you feel the pressure too? What do you do with that feeling? Where do you bury it? Tell me 🙂 . . #StutixEurope #Europe #Belgium #Brussels #Postcard #Letters #Readers #SoloTravel

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