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Birthday note to self: We all want to be a huge tree, branch out and show off our fruits and flowers – but most often we neglect the roots. They are hidden, deeply buried, but they hold everything that the world sees a tree as. This is a reminder for you to grow inwards, nourish your roots – cultivate your intuitions, listen to that inner voice. Societal definitions of “success” is a facade. It changes every day. What truly stays is your self-awareness, your spiritual growth. You are here to shine, and you do and you will – brighter than ever – so make sure it is through learning and meditating, sitting in silence, through prayers and most importantly, with your never-ending spirit to work hard. What the world sees is only mere water surface, dwell deeper and deeper, and deeper. For a building to be as tall as a Burj Khalifa, it must have a foundation underground just the same length. One can easily become a boat and sail, but for you to be the ship that crosses gigantic oceans – you need the depth, you need the core strength. Nonetheless, don’t forget that life in itself is an incredible gift of nature – you’re a living being, breathing, moving, creating – isn’t that something to nurture after all? Grow your roots stronger. Dwell deeper. Float in the open waters. Be your own light. Shine like the sun. #Birthday #NoteToSelf

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