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It takes roughly 10 years for an average person to seek help for their mental health condition – I read this a while ago. It compelled me to ask – what could be the possible reasons for that?

Maybe we don’t have enough professionals, we don’t have substantial awareness or a pool of resources to get yourself diagnosed. Or is it the stigma, that we associate with mental health?

Our society has a weird dichotomy – we are divided between those who would throw around words like “depression” and “anxiety” so carelessly, and those who suffer through it but keep hush. Sometimes we are both of them. We scream those words, perhaps not at the right spaces.

Sometimes sharing a story on social media about anxiety is a silent scream for help, but what do you really do about it after that? Does your anxiety archive in thin air after 24 hours too?

I don’t really know what to say, or tell you. But if you are someone who is constantly feeling worried or afraid, you feel you might die to a point that it can’t be logically explained – if your heart beat is fast and you feel shaky, and thoughts like something wrong is going to happen to you or your family repeatedly haunt you and no way you can stop them – please start observing yourself more carefully. These are only a handful of symptoms of anxiety listed here.

There are several other ways fear may crawl in – most often than not – unreasonable, start to notice your pattern. Are you able to handle it? What’s your most common response to it? Please note – DO NOT SELF-DIAGNOSE YOURSELF. Just observe. & if you think that it is a condition that feels out of your hand, for a really long time – and if you think your symptoms were present most of the days in the last 6 months – and they interfere with your daily functioning – your work, your relationship, etc – PLEASE SEEK OUT FOR HELP.

Imagine if you had a pain in your shoulder for 6 months – what would you do? Would you give yourself excuses? Yes, we don’t have enough professionals, but there are multiple methods that can help you – do not start to accept it as a part of your life. Seek help, please. Also, kindly share if someone needs to read this. #Anxiety

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