what does freedom mean to you?

what does freedom mean to you Stuti Ashok Gupta

Being a girl from a small town, from quite an orthodox family – I still can’t believe that I have been able to travel so much and start a business with three guys I met during my travelling days.

A lot of pain, tears and struggle has gone into it, but it doesn’t end. How much freedom is enough freedom? When do you know that you don’t need to fight for making your own choices?

I am always confused, honestly.

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the story behind the art fest and details about the art festival – mountains ’18 [fourth edition]

Art has played an important role in my life. I started learning Hindustani Classical Music and Kathak when I was only 6 or 7. I spoiled so many benches in school with my best friend, sketching faces with eyebrows on point. Also, I used poetry as a means of channelizing anger and pain when I was 12; and, grew up to be in a professional dance team in college.

During my masters, as my friends made notes in the class, my teachers allowed me to draw in my notebook because they knew I could only concentrate that way. Art has been very close to my heart; blame multiple heart breaks or a genetic lineage – from my grandfather being a brilliant poet to my mother being a violinist, my father a writer, a social gathering singer to my brother, an architect and a musician. I’ve been soaked in art since I was born and art makes me truly happy – content, satisfied, at peace.

As a Clinical Psychologist, I understand the practical sides of art, too. It’s a great way to express, without causing harm to oneself or another. In a lot of our self-reflective classes, we spent painting what our emotions looked like. Being in a surrounding that is overflowing with the creative ambience has saved me, and has saved many.


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who is bijniswoman?

So when i am travelling, be it a bus, a train or a plane, somewhere deep down i am always hoping that the passenger sitting next to me doesn’t ask me the question “so what do you do?” It’s difficult to introduce myself in a phrase, or a sentence. My friends often joke about how people print visiting cards, i should print a brochure. And i just laugh at that, because it so taxing for me. Firstly, to tell people what exactly do i do?


Secondly, to deal with their confusing expressions, when they don’t understand how everything i do is so unrelated to one another. And to be fair, they are not wrong. This is my attempt to explain #whoisbijniswoman, what i do and why i do it.
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