We all deserve a share of the supreme principle | Stuti Ashok Gupta

We all deserve a share of the supreme principle. What is it after all? Intellects call it connected consciousness, literary scholars name it over soul, religions give it several names of Gods and goddesses – Ishwar, Allah, Jesus – and society weaves them stories in order for them to be passed on from generations to generations, and then we get lost in the stories instead of the messages it carried – we forget about the supreme principle, within which everything springs from, within which everything resides. Supreme principle that defines all of us as one, as a part of one. It is not us and them, us is not fighting them, us is fighting us. Isn’t that cancer? #thinking #tamilnaduView on Instagram https://ift.tt/2ZrFFYA

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Birthday note to self | Stuti Ashok Gupta

Birthday note to self: We all want to be a huge tree, branch out and show off our fruits and flowers – but most often we neglect the roots. They are hidden, deeply buried, but they hold everything that the world sees a tree as. This is a reminder for you to grow inwards, nourish your roots – cultivate your intuitions, listen to that inner voice. Societal definitions of “success” is a facade. It changes every day. What truly stays is your self-awareness, your spiritual growth. You are here to shine, and you do and you will – brighter than ever – so make sure it is through learning and meditating, sitting in silence, through prayers and most importantly, with your never-ending spirit to work hard. What the world sees is only mere water surface, dwell deeper and deeper, and deeper. For a building to be as tall as a Burj Khalifa, it must have a foundation underground just the same length. One can easily become a boat and sail, but for you to be the ship that crosses gigantic oceans – you need the depth, you need the core strength. Nonetheless, don’t forget that life in itself is an incredible gift of nature – you’re a living being, breathing, moving, creating – isn’t that something to nurture after all? Grow your roots stronger. Dwell deeper. Float in the open waters. Be your own light. Shine like the sun. #Birthday #NoteToSelf

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Of Unreasonable Optimism | Stuti Ashok Gupta

Dear you,

Sometimes in life, you’d catch yourself dipped in unreasonable optimism – while there may not be a reason to explain why you feel positive about something that seems completely hopeless to others – don’t let yourself believe that unreasonable is equivalent to unrealistic, because they are not the same.

You are not delusional, if you see abundance is everything offered to you. In fact, the truth of life that most enlightened minds figured out (as I understand) is that this is a transaction with the universe almost like you pay for something and it gives something to you that you wish or is good for you – and the currency is not money here.

The real currency is gratitude. Count your blessings.

I may have said this a thousand times before, but I’d say it again. The phone you hold in your hand, the internet that runs this app, the air you breathe, the sun that shines, a pleasant smile exchanged with a stranger, or a simple moment of bliss as you lie in bed, covered in your quilt on a breezy December afternoon.

Every time you see this picturesque memory of Amsterdam, let it remind you of gratitude and gratitude alone. Will you?

#LettersToFindMe #BijnisWoman #Amsterdam #Netherlands #Europe #StutixEurope #Holland

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FIVE SIMPLE THINGS you can do to help someone while they are experiencing a panic or anxiety attack | Stuti Ashok Gupta

#MentalHealth  1. Give them a bottle of water to drink. Ask them to drink sip by sip. 2. And keep their phone away. A lot of stimulus to the brain kind of makes it worse. 3. And if you have anything sweet – mithai, chocolate, give them. 4. 20 times deep breaths. 5. Ask him to talk to you or someone who is there about what is he thinking about – just listen! (in continuation to the previous post) #Anxiety #Panic #AnxietyHealer

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Seek Help for Anxiety | Stuti Ashok Gupta


It takes roughly 10 years for an average person to seek help for their mental health condition – I read this a while ago. It compelled me to ask – what could be the possible reasons for that?

Maybe we don’t have enough professionals, we don’t have substantial awareness or a pool of resources to get yourself diagnosed. Or is it the stigma, that we associate with mental health?

Our society has a weird dichotomy – we are divided between those who would throw around words like “depression” and “anxiety” so carelessly, and those who suffer through it but keep hush. Sometimes we are both of them. We scream those words, perhaps not at the right spaces.

Sometimes sharing a story on social media about anxiety is a silent scream for help, but what do you really do about it after that? Does your anxiety archive in thin air after 24 hours too?

I don’t really know what to say, or tell you. But if you are someone who is constantly feeling worried or afraid, you feel you might die to a point that it can’t be logically explained – if your heart beat is fast and you feel shaky, and thoughts like something wrong is going to happen to you or your family repeatedly haunt you and no way you can stop them – please start observing yourself more carefully. These are only a handful of symptoms of anxiety listed here.

There are several other ways fear may crawl in – most often than not – unreasonable, start to notice your pattern. Are you able to handle it? What’s your most common response to it? Please note – DO NOT SELF-DIAGNOSE YOURSELF. Just observe. & if you think that it is a condition that feels out of your hand, for a really long time – and if you think your symptoms were present most of the days in the last 6 months – and they interfere with your daily functioning – your work, your relationship, etc – PLEASE SEEK OUT FOR HELP.

Imagine if you had a pain in your shoulder for 6 months – what would you do? Would you give yourself excuses? Yes, we don’t have enough professionals, but there are multiple methods that can help you – do not start to accept it as a part of your life. Seek help, please. Also, kindly share if someone needs to read this. #Anxiety

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Social Media is a Tool | Stuti Ashok Gupta

“STOP TAKING SOCIAL MEDIA SERIOUSLY – IT IS A TOOL – USE IT” I have a bunch of friends who find MY @instagram a bit annoying because it’s way too sugary and positive for them. 1 or 2 of them have even opted to not follow me. I keep telling them that “you take it way too seriously”. I strongly believe that social media is simply a tool, to connect with thousands of minds – to sometimes feel inspired by the million possibilities of living a life apart from what we see around us regularly. Social media is a tool to talk about what you feel, what you think – sometimes to be validated, sometimes to be condemned – regardless, you learn so much! It is not exactly for the number of likes, comments, shares and so on – it is truly for the quality of it. When I first published my book at 21 – Sublimation (a collection of poems), those poems in fact were picked up from my Facebook statuses that I wrote for 2 years, when I lived in Kerala. Every time I wrote a poem, and I received a feedback – even if it was as simple as a grammatical error – I instantly improved. So I got better. I found @pranitart to design my book cover, and even my editor was someone I knew through FB. There have been so many other instances (apart from my book) I can think of when social media was instrumental: 1. I conducted 4 Art Festivals at @thelosttribehostels by just creating @facebook event pages. 2. @amrutamofficial is a family of 15,000 members through Newsletters via @mailchimp. 3. My traveling has been full of adventures, because you guys are the best source for super amazing tips/recommendations – from food, to stay to even what song I listen to on loop. Hampta Pass was one of the best recco I recieved this year, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. @halomellow and I were clueless! 4. I found so many creators – for photos, videos, designs for Amrutam, including @nainaayurveda who makes brilliant @youtube videos, and @_surreal__ who manages Amrutam IG now. 5. I have been learning UkeLele from random IG + YT videos! There must be at least 100 other stories I can tell – but the point I’m trying to make is – IT IS A TOOL, use it like that. Use it for your growth! 📸 @kyabc

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Adiós November, Hola December | Stuti Ashok Gupta | 2019

 🌟 – With three insane relapses to sickness, working in my own little cave, I passed this month at one place – can you imagine how itchy my feet are at this point? Anywhoooo, so many new things are churning up, and I can’t wait to share all of it with you. 1. First thing first – We are launching this new @amrutamofficial video tomorrow where @halomellow and I, quiet impulsively, agreed to be in front of the camera. It was definitely fun to work with @visionofgap as always, but at the same time, it was pretty challenging for me to direct the video and act at the same time. I’m so nervous about you all seeing it. Hope you like it! We’ve tried to depict how Amrutam is “for every kind of woman”, a campaign that took birth during one of those conversations that last long long hours – & the super talented @jasminekaurchandla has curated and sung the voiceover beautifully! 2. I’ll be going on my annual family trip to South India, but this time, I decided to do it on my birthday, which is slightly earlier than the usual time when we go to Tirupati. Last birthday I was in Nepal, & I didn’t have any network, and that allowed me to really gulp the fact that years are passing, I am growing and reflect on what is it that I truly seek more than ever. So, I wanted to continue to do that – stay absolutely in the moment, and be with the ones who are really present with me! There is no better place than Tirupati for me to do that! 3. I’m also going to be a speaker at an event, organised by a brand which is super close to everything that I resonate with – and it’s going to be an honor to be present there with some really really amazing people – prodigies of their own fields. 4. And then of course; there’s Christmas – no idea where I will be, but deep down, my inner child is craving to play Secret Santa this year. Not sure how I can do this, I really miss @ishanibadyal every Christmas because this girl’s the best at brightening and lighting up my world, and I can’t wait to see her! ❤️ You tell me, how was your November? What’s that one thing you’re looking forward to doing this December? #BijnisWoman #Journal #December

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Letter from Paris | Stuti Ashok Gupta

Dear you,

I am aware that you are a hopeless dreamer, and moreover, you are a fierce fighter despite all the bruises and wounds – you carry on cause you must. While there are 4 nights to exit this year, and enter year 2020 – think about all the stars you have tucked in your hair in these set of 365 days & nights, appreciate yourself on how each time you suffered and you managed to overcome it.

Pat your back for you have made it alive, as someone who has given it all to grow, and sometimes simply to keep up! You are full of energy, you are your happiest right now with all the Christmas decor and glitter on your feet, and you want this feeling to last, I know. But happiness is fleeting, my love. And so is sadness. Everything is temporary, except the flame of eternal bliss that burns inside – work on that, this new year. Make sure you keep your mind healthy, and give up on negative thinking (and if it is beyond your control, dear love – seek help).

Think about bliss as this muscle of “love” for self and others – it requires you to work out just like any other muscle – if you don’t practice love, can you really count on it to lift heavy weights? You definitely can’t compare your muscle growth with somebody else- so it’s needless to say that you are being silly if you want to love the way others do.

You have your own fingerprints inside the gloves of social expectations, cherish your own style. Love in your own way, and continue practising it. On days, when you feel you have had enough, you can’t give more than this – memorise this sunshine that falls on your shoulders through the December fog. Tell me, do you ever hear the sun complain?

It gives and gives and gives. It loves and loves and loves. Will you?

#LettersToFindMe #BijnisWoman #LettersToSelf #StutixEurope #Paris #Europe #France

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Be whoever you want to be | Stuti Ashok Gupta

I was a complete hippie living out of a bag for one entire year, shuffling cities, towns and villages- my winter clothes were in Manali, and my beach clothes were stacked in Goa, sometimes I was in Kolhapur to score some stash, and sometimes I was in Neemrana for no reason at all – most of my dresses & footwear were left behind because it consumed too much space, and I traveled as my heart liked. I couldn’t imagine stability, or living at one place for too long back in 2015/16 and particularly couldn’t picture myself following a schedule. After some 40 insane trips in two years when I was doing my Masters in clinical psychology back in Calicut, Kerala – I knew I belonged to the wild. My Instagram handle in fact was ibelongtothewild and I was absolutely true to it. 3/4 years later, when I look back at that life – I amaze myself. I may sound like a complete narcissist when I say “I am super proud of my transition” from being on the roads, with chipped lips and a slow life, I have actually evolved to someone who wakes up at a certain time, has a fixed location of work which I look forward to going to and my work ACTUALLY involves conversations around self-care and Ayurvedic disciplines. From seeing roughly 30 new faces every single day to seeing the same 30 old faces for an entire year on most days – as much as I can’t believe myself when I say I have started to love this different kind of slow life in my hometown – my soul is still a hippie. My core still soars with adventure – but of a different kind. Adventure of a larger picture, where I see the impact is long-lasting, where it is not just about me anymore, where I can empower people and give them a chance to live a life they truly deserve, but aren’t aware of it. Every single human associated with my work has humbled me down and at the same time they make me believe that the better world that I envision can be created. The point that I’m precisely making here is – don’t hold yourself back from stepping out of this identity you have established, you can literally be whoever you want to be. So today you want to start afresh and explore parts of you that are challenging and new, do it do it. #StutiSouthIndia

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7 things to leave behind in 2019:

1. Comparing your life with others.

2. Compulsion to react to everything.

3. Negative thinking and self-doubts.

4. Toxic relationships/friendships. Clutter of your social life.

5. People-pleasing.

6. Mindless regular purchases of things you don’t need.

7. Too much screen time (phone, laptops, t , etc).

Add more to the list in the comments 🙂 .

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