Poonam, Raigarh | the marathi mulghi who is bridging the gap between government policies and the community


She is working with the youth of tribal regions in Maharashtra – bridging the gap between their government policies and the community.

She is just one year older than me and she is married and now has this three year old munchkin (Jahnavi) – extremely adorable and always sugar-rushed.

Jahnavi speaks only Marathi and how I wished every single day of that time I spent – that I knew how to converse in Marathi because she’s so expressive, for her age, throwing words at me that I do not fathom.

So I’ve picked up “Majhi Mummy” (my mother) and I keep teasing her that her mummy is mine and not hers – to which she lovingly nods her head and replies in Marathi – “Aamchi mummy” (our mother)

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