Anjuna- a goan village which has my heart

I think Anjuna is such a nice place to grow up in. The beauty that lingers on the roads of Anjuna, the familiar Hello’s from my most frequently visited breakfast spots to unfamiliar Hello’s who seemed friendly enough. Every day is a celebration, here. While the grandmothers here make their own coconut oil, their English is the most fluent I have ever heard of that age group. Once upon a time, people roamed around naked on the Anjuna beach, because of the kind of open-mindedness, tolerance and extraordinary hospitality that people hold here.

I have roamed around at 2 in the morning alone and not feared a man might harass/molest me or even look at me with the wrong mentality! Funnily, the only thing I needed to worry about was a herd of street dogs. They are such predators, that no matter how great of a dog lover you are (which I am), they are going to give you a ride to hell if you ever face an encounter.

We need Global Villages like this one, for a simple reason that it is so well rooted and grounded in its culture and rituals and at the same time, it is a place where a wildly multi-racial, multi-lingual and multinational mix of ‘outsiders’ mingles visibly happily and peacefully with the ‘insiders’ of Anjuna.

Anjuna Stuti Ashok Gupta



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