the shape of conversations

Some conversations are like water, they flow and they take many shapes and forms; they diverge, they converge and eventually they all merge into one. But it’s not the intention or the end that matters, it’s what they do while they go along, they dribble, they drizzle, they tickle.

Like rivers and streams, they bring life into what they touch. Like a waterfall, when it falls on me, it brings immense joy, some conversations are just like that. Like ponds and ripples, they circulate and drift.
Stuti Ashok Gupta
Conversations flow and flow and flow.
Oh yes, they destroy and recreate itself.
Some conversations feel like they are running too quickly, almost slipping out of my hands, there’s too much for me to hold, to secure, to preserve. For that reason, i let it flow through me, let it clean me and breathe new life into me because i’ll be a fool if i try to cage it, so i let it be.


Stuti Ashok Gupta

The above snippet was written by stuti on 08th may 2017. Here, she describes how conversations have no shape and flow like water.


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