Dear God

Dear God | Stuti Ashok Gupta

In the vastness of the ocean
and the way the sky is stretched out
I know you exist.

With languages so many
With races defined and undefined
I know you exist.

Among living beings that breathe
and the ones that have
the ones that are extinct
and the ones that will,
I know you exist.

With colours so many
that my eyes can see
With colours so many
that my eyes will never see
I know you exist.

Spiders of multitudinous species
Food of untold spices
through the plants that heal
and through the ones that kill
I know you exist.

You have been narrated
You have been stated
You have been spoken of
and have been rebelled against
but I know you exist.

In the intricacies of the neurons
In the monstrously huge mountains
I know you exist,
dear god.


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