#LettersToFindMe Series | Brussels, Belgium | Stuti Ashok Gupta

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Dear you, I have seen you the happiest when you’re strolling around the strange lands. That feeling when you meet someone for the first time – again and again and again – I have felt it how you love that feeling when you meet yourself. So when you feel like you are losing yourself in the structures and schedules – you know, all you need to do is, catch a bus, take a flight or simply start walking to explore all that is yet to see. Your answers lie within you, we have already come to that realisation – both you and I – however, in the company of sweet silence, and freedom to be whoever you want to be – your vision becomes clearer, and in the spaces that are way beyond the social expectations – all that you were looking for – suddenly appears in front of you. Take a walk, my darling, just go stroll when you need to hear your mind talk with a better sound quality, okay?

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