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I was a complete hippie living out of a bag for one entire year, shuffling cities, towns and villages- my winter clothes were in Manali, and my beach clothes were stacked in Goa, sometimes I was in Kolhapur to score some stash, and sometimes I was in Neemrana for no reason at all – most of my dresses & footwear were left behind because it consumed too much space, and I traveled as my heart liked. I couldn’t imagine stability, or living at one place for too long back in 2015/16 and particularly couldn’t picture myself following a schedule. After some 40 insane trips in two years when I was doing my Masters in clinical psychology back in Calicut, Kerala – I knew I belonged to the wild. My Instagram handle in fact was ibelongtothewild and I was absolutely true to it. 3/4 years later, when I look back at that life – I amaze myself. I may sound like a complete narcissist when I say “I am super proud of my transition” from being on the roads, with chipped lips and a slow life, I have actually evolved to someone who wakes up at a certain time, has a fixed location of work which I look forward to going to and my work ACTUALLY involves conversations around self-care and Ayurvedic disciplines. From seeing roughly 30 new faces every single day to seeing the same 30 old faces for an entire year on most days – as much as I can’t believe myself when I say I have started to love this different kind of slow life in my hometown – my soul is still a hippie. My core still soars with adventure – but of a different kind. Adventure of a larger picture, where I see the impact is long-lasting, where it is not just about me anymore, where I can empower people and give them a chance to live a life they truly deserve, but aren’t aware of it. Every single human associated with my work has humbled me down and at the same time they make me believe that the better world that I envision can be created. The point that I’m precisely making here is – don’t hold yourself back from stepping out of this identity you have established, you can literally be whoever you want to be. So today you want to start afresh and explore parts of you that are challenging and new, do it do it. #StutiSouthIndia

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