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Dear you,

I am aware that you are a hopeless dreamer, and moreover, you are a fierce fighter despite all the bruises and wounds – you carry on cause you must. While there are 4 nights to exit this year, and enter year 2020 – think about all the stars you have tucked in your hair in these set of 365 days & nights, appreciate yourself on how each time you suffered and you managed to overcome it.

Pat your back for you have made it alive, as someone who has given it all to grow, and sometimes simply to keep up! You are full of energy, you are your happiest right now with all the Christmas decor and glitter on your feet, and you want this feeling to last, I know. But happiness is fleeting, my love. And so is sadness. Everything is temporary, except the flame of eternal bliss that burns inside – work on that, this new year. Make sure you keep your mind healthy, and give up on negative thinking (and if it is beyond your control, dear love – seek help).

Think about bliss as this muscle of “love” for self and others – it requires you to work out just like any other muscle – if you don’t practice love, can you really count on it to lift heavy weights? You definitely can’t compare your muscle growth with somebody else- so it’s needless to say that you are being silly if you want to love the way others do.

You have your own fingerprints inside the gloves of social expectations, cherish your own style. Love in your own way, and continue practising it. On days, when you feel you have had enough, you can’t give more than this – memorise this sunshine that falls on your shoulders through the December fog. Tell me, do you ever hear the sun complain?

It gives and gives and gives. It loves and loves and loves. Will you?

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