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“STOP TAKING SOCIAL MEDIA SERIOUSLY – IT IS A TOOL – USE IT” I have a bunch of friends who find MY @instagram a bit annoying because it’s way too sugary and positive for them. 1 or 2 of them have even opted to not follow me. I keep telling them that “you take it way too seriously”. I strongly believe that social media is simply a tool, to connect with thousands of minds – to sometimes feel inspired by the million possibilities of living a life apart from what we see around us regularly. Social media is a tool to talk about what you feel, what you think – sometimes to be validated, sometimes to be condemned – regardless, you learn so much! It is not exactly for the number of likes, comments, shares and so on – it is truly for the quality of it. When I first published my book at 21 – Sublimation (a collection of poems), those poems in fact were picked up from my Facebook statuses that I wrote for 2 years, when I lived in Kerala. Every time I wrote a poem, and I received a feedback – even if it was as simple as a grammatical error – I instantly improved. So I got better. I found @pranitart to design my book cover, and even my editor was someone I knew through FB. There have been so many other instances (apart from my book) I can think of when social media was instrumental: 1. I conducted 4 Art Festivals at @thelosttribehostels by just creating @facebook event pages. 2. @amrutamofficial is a family of 15,000 members through Newsletters via @mailchimp. 3. My traveling has been full of adventures, because you guys are the best source for super amazing tips/recommendations – from food, to stay to even what song I listen to on loop. Hampta Pass was one of the best recco I recieved this year, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. @halomellow and I were clueless! 4. I found so many creators – for photos, videos, designs for Amrutam, including @nainaayurveda who makes brilliant @youtube videos, and @_surreal__ who manages Amrutam IG now. 5. I have been learning UkeLele from random IG + YT videos! There must be at least 100 other stories I can tell – but the point I’m trying to make is – IT IS A TOOL, use it like that. Use it for your growth! 📸 @kyabc

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