Winters remind me of your long tanned fingers | Stuti Ashok Gupta

Winters remind me of your long tanned fingers, caressing through my tangled curly hair. We lazed on our garden chairs, in the morning haze facing the Himalayas. You got me a kilo of cherries and we ate them all for breakfast, and competed with each other on how far we could throw the seeds! Of course, you always won, but I am not complaining. You remember how our neighbourhood cows mooed as our dogs chased their friends in apple orchards, shimmering of white and red flowers? You hardly said “I love you” because you didn’t need to – we just knew it with the way you let me keep my cold feet on your thigh. There was lots of Chai that kept pouring in, as Rohtang Pass peeked through the clouds, from a distance. It was so real, and yet like a dream. Curled up in bed, kilometres away from you now, I can’t help but smile at the thought of how our love has grown through these seasons. Reminiscing how with all the springs I have spent with you, you became my spring. ♥️

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