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 Dear you, I know you are learning so much about yourself and the world every day, and it’s only fair to give yourself some time to let all that knowledge sink in – but let it penetrate only to your skin and not any deeper. If you may wonder why I’d tell you something like that?
It is only because, your skin can take it all in, and then turn itself dry and shed like dust – all that dust you see on the side of your bed, on the back of your living room curtains, all that dust on the roads – what is that dust – if not all the ideas of ourselves and the world that our skin sheds into dust every minute?
Perhaps they were true at one point, in fact, they were definitely true – but all absolute truths are restricted and tied in a timeline. It’s constantly changing and with that – so are you. So instead, all that you’re learning and discovering – always remember – everything is impermanent. And it is. And there’s a pick up van called time, reaching out to clean up the skin you shed. Thank god, it is.
So, if you want to store something in your bones and all its narrow alleys – remember that the sun always comes out in the morning and every new day is a new opportunity for you to learn something more and discard what you’d learnt before. Today, you can be whoever you want to be. Past is a flawed memory & we haven’t seen the future yet, so why worry?
Drench into this beautiful rain that our universe is. Giving in abundance. Let it pour over you. The universe washes away the learnt truths which turn into dead skin, the dust on the roads, too, so you keep learning and unlearning – deconstructing and rejuvenating – all at the same time. Today is the beginning, and this moment is the only reality you will ever know. Make the most of it. Be aware of this moment. Will you?

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