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Look how life has turned around, plans have flipped upside down, all that circling of meaningless things have paused – now that you stay at home, and wear extra large t-shirts and comfy little shorts – don’t you ever wonder how easy life has become with lesser decisions to make every day? Consumerism that wrapped your life, has it taken a halt too? Now, do you really need that yellow dress that keeps popping on the ad after every two Instagram stories? Somehow, that yellow dress has stopped haunting me and how. Decluttering of unnecessary to-do’s, the never ending meetings that have turned into WhatsApp texts and emails – it has left all of us with so much more time. I picked a painting brush after half a year, and I learnt two new songs to play on Uke – and I have slept overtime guiltlessly and despite being extremely lazy about exercise, I still managed to do 200 crunches today, just somehow. Started my DMAT account after procrastinating for ages, your girl’s gonna learn about Share market now. Isn’t that strangely great? See how much we can achieve when we slow down. But that’s not why I write to you today. I write to remind you to use this time mindfully. To sit down and think about the inconvenient questions and be okay with not knowing the answers. Isn’t this an incredible time to be a perpetual observer of life? You can watch everything from a distance. You can switch off if you must. There’s an ideal reason to avoid going out and yet wait for that one video call with a friend you haven’t caught up with in a while. I ask myself “will I be a different person after 21 days?” And all I hear in reply is “one day at a time, and then we will see” Also, I really want you guys to participate in @amrutamofficial ‘s 21 day art based programme (it’s completely free of cost) and the first activity is mentioned on my story! If you do participate, do not forget to share your story with me! I’d be really happy to see it 🙂 @agnimgupta clicked this picture today, just a couple of minutes after the golden hour was about to end. STAY HOME. BE SAFE. . #quarantine #love #writer #life #thinkingoutloud #stayhome #createathome

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