Dear you,

Amidst all this uncertainty, that has left you hanging, feeling all kinds of misery and madness – let me remind you of one thing that I am absolutely certain about, The strong ground that you so firmly clench with your toes when you’re anxious, I know it feels like the earth beneath is sliding under your feet – I can assure you that the earth is going to hold you and it is still there for you – in it’s full abundance.

If for a second, you wonder how to be sure about that, observe the way little buds are blooming in spring colors – yellow sunflowers brightening up, green giloy creeping in and red roses bigger than ever. And if that’s not enough, feel the way wind blows after the sun has set, watch the flock of birds making shapes in the sky, and then turn inwards and learn how every single day, all this uncertainty is shifting your perspective about life. Take it one day at a time, helplessly and religiously.

Focus on the things that are in your control, my darling. Do what you can do, and leave the rest to it’s state for now. You can always come back to it. Be certain that this time will disturb you but also can heal you, it will leave you empty, so you know you can fill yourself up by really being with yourself, too. No two days are the same, and as overwhelming as it gets, it’s also a gift to really understand yourself.

Cultivate more awareness about how you feel about yourself and others. Even though you may not have answers to all the questions your mind throws at you, please remember to listen to it quietly. You may feel like you’re swimming in the ocean with no shore in sight, but remember you can sail through this, back float when you can’t deal with it. Be assured your limbs are going to be fine. Be assured there’s a boat, a ship, a rescue plan for you. Sail through it. You got this. I know you got this. . . .

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