#LettersToFindMe – Your inner ocean is full of love.

Dear you, I’ve been thinking a lot and I do know that you are too. Now that you’re deprived of the ocean that’s so vastly present on the planet, you wonder about the possibilities of your inner ocean, that is your mind. Well, here’s the thing – your inner ocean exists. It exists subtly. It influences everything with even a slight wave. You are aware of it or not. It is deeper than you want to believe, and has most magic tricks of the world – it’s time we immerse ourselves in it like a child watching a water ripple for the first time. You have run around like a mad child, wanting to show the world what you can do – but what’s the point, really? All the stuff created and acknowledged by the society in its most tangible forms – they are labels that don’t prove anything. You are limitless, just like your mind. Your mind, powerful beyond measures – awaiting attention. How do you attend to your mind if you’re constantly wrapped around ideas of guilt? How do you finally sit with yourself and take a swim in your inner sea, if you’re so glued to numbers – counting the number of people following you till the shore? They are all spectators, and would leave the minute they find something more amusing, but the swim you swim into your mind, the peace that the ocean floor holds for you – that experience makes you grow truly – and it doesn’t rely on others to recognise. You are absolutely free if you consider just yourself as your biggest follower. I believe in you, is that not enough? You want a reassurance from another million people, and why I ask? I understand the dilemma, but hear me loud and clean – your popularity doesn’t define how worthy you are of love. You are worthy of love, regardless. Your inner ocean is full of love. Embrace it. Float in it. Soak it all up. . . #stories #inspirational #life #love #wisdom #letters #letter #india #instagram #ocean #sansebastian #mentalhealthindia #mentalhealthawareness #mind #writer #lightroom #spain #personalblog #poetry #poets #poetsofinstagram #poem #berlinartparasites #womenwhowrite #shotoniphone11pro #writerscommunity

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